Best Greenhouse Heaters for the Cold Season

Best Greenhouse Heaters for the Cold Season

January 22, 2019

A greenhouse is an invaluable thing to have for your tender plants during the winter. The best time to prepare your greenhouse for the coming winter months is to install a greenhouse heating system during fall. Heating a greenhouse is imperative when you want to maximize the potential of your plants on the cold winter season. We will show you the best greenhouse heaters in this article so that you can grow your favorite plants year-round!

You might be thinking that installing a heater in your greenhouse could be expensive. On the contrary, choosing the right heating design and equipment is affordable. For growers, the right heating equipment quickly gives them an ROI.

It goes without saying that adding heating to the design of the greenhouse is smart. However, an existing greenhouse can still be refurbished with a heater that does not have to rob the bank. As mentioned, the right heating products goes a long way in providing a comfortable greenhouse environment for you and your plants during winter.

Electric greenhouse heaters

There are several upsides to electric heaters, foremost of which is to provide a steady temperature to your greenhouse. They are not expensive, and they come in different types to include:

  • Tubular electric greenhouse heater works by using a heating element to distribute warmth to the entire area
  • Fan-assisted models that use a fan to radiate heat to specified areas
  • They provide a tightly controlled temperature to a specific area
  • The tubular electric models lower electric consumption by omitting the need for fans

    Top electric heaters for your greenhouse

    White RSI greenhouse heater with the features

    RSI Greenhouse Heating System

    • Includes two heat settings
    • Frost watch function is one of its best features
    • Guarantees the right temperature with the built-in thermostat feature
    • Includes installation hardware and mounting bracket
    • Affordable

    Check out the RSI Greenhouse Heater here!

    White electrical greenhouse heater

    Solexx Portable Electric Heater

    • Easily provides the right heat to an area of up to 400 sq. ft.
    • Quick heat adjustments with the high and low knob feature
    • Evenly distributes heat to the entire greenhouse with the heavy-fan feature
    • Includes extra safety features such as the caution light, tip-over switch, and overload circuit

    Check out the Solexx Portable Electric Heater here!

    Dr. Infrared 1500W Greenhouse Heater

    • Portable and lightweight
    • The IPX4 feature of the heater protects it from accidental water splashing
    • Requires little maintenance
    • Provides the best climate for your growing plants during wintertime

    Check the price on Amazon!

    Gas Greenhouse Heaters

    Using gas to heat your greenhouse can be practical because it doesn't require a power source. So, you don't need to lay a cable. The problem with using gas, propane, and butane are the toxic fumes it emits. However, the requirement of high temperatures can be quickly accessed because of their built-in thermostat control.


    • Effortless to use
    • The thermostat feature easily controls the temperature of the greenhouse
    • High temperatures are easily accessed
    • No power connection needed
    • The traditional way of heating


    • Condensation problems are expected
    • The fumes emitted may be toxic
    • Needs a spare cylinder on hand at all times

    Top Greenhouse Gas Heater Picks

    Non-vented gas heater installed in a greenhouse

    Universal Greenhouse Heater, Non-vented

    • Gives you the option of using either natural gas or propane (needs 100 lb or a bigger tank which is a separate sale)
    • Safely shuts off the gas when the pilot light turns off
    • Water vapor and carbon dioxide by-products that are given off during burning have been proven safe for all kinds of plants.
    • Features a convenient wall-mounted multi-volt thermostat to enable you to get the exact temperature from 35 to 75°F
    • Does not rely on electric power making it a great option for the greenhouse during power outages
    • The stainless steel burner allows up to 20,000 BTU burning rate

    Check out the non-vented gas heater!

    Vented greenhouse gas heater

    Universal Greenhouse Heater, Vented

    • Proven durable in moist environments with the steel aluminum and mill-polished aluminum feature
    • Supports excellent air circulation with the vertical flues feature on the firebox
    • Does not rely on electric power
    • Allows up to 25,000 BTU burning rate
    • Features a convenient wall-mounted multi-volt thermostat to enable you to get the exact temperature from 35 to 75°F
    • Gives you the option of using either natural gas or propane (needs 100 lb or a bigger tank which is a separate sale)
    • Requires flashing and vent pipe
    • Safely shuts off the gas when the pilot light turns off

    Check out this vented greenhouse gas heater!

    Solar-Powered Greenhouse Heaters

    Greenhouse heating can cost a lot of energy consumption with the use of pumps and devices as well as maintaining the right temperature. Solar panels seem to hold the correct answer for serious gardeners who want to keep optimum plant growth and development. The use of solar panels to maintain a steady temperature throughout the year makes both plants and environment healthy and happy.

    While any type of solar panels can be used for your greenhouse, the more efficient ones are the monocrystalline solar cells and the polycrystalline solar cells.

    Pros of the polycrystalline solar cells:

    • Silicon waste is avoided
    • Effects on efficiency are not negatively affected by hotter temperatures
    • More affordable option than the monocrystalline cells


    • The low purity levels of silicon do not make them an efficient solar panel option
    • They are less space-efficient because of their lower output rates. Installing them means more roof space

    Pros of the monocrystalline solar cells:

    • High-efficiency rate of 15-20% that requires less space
    • The usual warranty is for 25 years because manufacturers believe in the long lifespan of the solar cells
    • Works efficiently even on cloudy days because they have always shown peak performance even on low sunlight levels


    • Very expensive, in fact, the most costly solar cell available on the market
    • A rise in temperature can sometimes affect the levels of their performance
    • Manufacturing them leads to a lot of silicon waste

    Check the price for the Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panel!

    Small Hobby Greenhouse Heaters

    There are several options when it comes to hobby greenhouse heaters, to include:

    • Space heaters can either be gas or electric and inexpensive heating options for the hobby greenhouse.
    • Steam heaters are not popular options for a small hobby greenhouse. However, if sterilizing is your main goal as well as warmth, steam heaters might be right up your alley.
    • Infrared heaters run by electric power and good to use in providing warmth to specific areas
    • Forced-air heaters use duct and blower as a way of evenly distributing heat to the entire greenhouse 
    • You can also some other budget options for greenhouse heating.
    Do you have any other questions about heating your greenhouse? Let us know in the comments!

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    Two white heaters with the text: Best Greenhouse Heaters to keep it warm in the cold season

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