Monticello Premium Edition Greenhouse Review

Monticello Premium Edition Greenhouse Review

Mar 08, 2017 0 comments

I am delighted to write this Monticello Premium Edition Greenhouse review because I am an elated homeowner whose gardening just took a great turn. After several weeks of tedious online researching. I was almost certain I would never find a greenhouse kit that quite met my needs.

Well, Riverstone Industries and the knowledgeable sales team at Greenhouse Emporium proved me wrong.

The Monticello Premium Edition Greenhouse stands out because its frames contain 0% lead and instead use only extruded aluminum of the highest quality. We find this important because we now need not have to worry about the greenhouse collapsing at the slightest weight of snow during wintertime. We also stopped worrying about wind-instigated damages.

In addition, the Monticello Premium Edition Greenhouse is the first we have seen that has a offered 8mm twin wall polycarbonate roof and walls. Other greenhouse reviews totally agree with us and, my husband, Jack, and I, like this feature because it ensures that the greenhouse in insulated during the cold months and is cooler during the warm months. We can now grow our favorite plants for longer and more efficiently. The greenhouse also helps us cut on the electricity bills even when we grow plants all year round.

Greenhouse Emporium informed us that they sell five Monticello greenhouse kits of this particular edition. We choose the largest; an 8 foot by 24 foot greenhouse, interior shade system, programmable watering system, workbench and greenhouse sink. This size is appropriate for our needs as well as the space we have. 

Greenhouse Emporium sells three smaller versions that measure 8ft x 8ft, 8ft × 12ft, 8ft. × 16ft. and the 8ft. × 20ft. Its peak is 7’6’’, with an overall above average height that makes it the obvious choice for tall gardeners like my husband. I think the height does facilitate heat displacement because our plants look far healthier and better compared to the lot we had in greenhouses we owned in the past.

Being in Missouri, we also benefitted from Greenhouse Emporium’s free shipping policy for customers located in the continental USA.

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