Base Kits & Extensions

The advantage of a base is to give an increased resistance, stability, and securing your greenhouse to the ground especially throughout severe weather conditions. It must be precisely installed to the bottom. The base will support your greenhouse for many years to come by making it fixed and stable. You might also be considering bountiful harvests and possibly expanding your greenhouse. Some greenhouses are expandable. You may be encouraged to purchase extension kits which give you additional growing space. Just leave a room for future extensions.

Check out the base kits & extensions for the greenhouses we offer!

$639.90 $550.90
SAVE $89.00

Hoklartherm Riga Foundation Frame

$984.90 $849.90
SAVE $135.00

Monticello 4 Foot Extension Kit

$469.90 $399.90
SAVE $70.00

Janssens Royal Victorian Drop-Door Kit

$684.90 $589.90
SAVE $95.00

Door Extension Kit for Riga XL Greenhouses

$524.90 $449.90
SAVE $75.00

Door Extension Kit for Riga Greenhouses

$454.90 $389.90
SAVE $65.00

Door Extension Kit for Riga S Greenhouses

$339.90 $289.90
SAVE $50.00

Rion Hobby/Grand Gardener Base Kit

$234.90 $199.90
SAVE $35.00

Rion Ecogrow 2 Base Kit

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