Greenhouse Shelves & Benches

You need to make the best use of the space inside your greenhouse. You may be looking for ideas for making additional space in a packed greenhouse and the answer lies in using shelves and benches. You can maximize plant growing and nursery area in your greenhouse by using sturdy and cost-effective greenhouse bench systems and shelving.

It is reasonable to grow plants directly in the soil but most greenhouses use benches to increase the vertical growing space. There is a wide range of benches and shelves available. The shelves can sit next to each other or can be staged. They are attractive to look at and will provide years of service. Greenhouse benches help using your space efficiently because they are perfect for holding tools, potting plants, and having a durable shelf.

$359.90 $309.90
SAVE $50.00

Monticello Work Station Kit

$149.90 $124.99
SAVE $24.91

Steel Workbench

$115.99 $99.90
SAVE $16.09

Bench Racks for Solexx Greenhouses

$74.90 $62.90
SAVE $12.00

Shelf Kit for Palram Greenhouses

$139.90 $119.90
SAVE $20.00

Shelving For Victorian & Riga Greenhouses

$224.90 $189.90
SAVE $35.00

Poly-Tex Galvanized Potting Bench

$184.90 $154.90
SAVE $30.00

Wooden Utility Side Table Kit

$219.90 $184.90
SAVE $35.00

Folding Potting Bench with Zinc Surface

$324.90 $274.90
SAVE $50.00

Potting Bench with Recessed Storage

$299.90 $250.90
SAVE $49.00

Foldable Potting Bench

$189.99 $169.90
SAVE $20.09

VegTrug Kids Workbench

$219.99 $179.90
SAVE $40.09

VegTrug Workbench

$144.90 $120.90
SAVE $24.00

Rion Two-Tier Staging Bench

$399.90 $339.95
SAVE $59.95

Juliana Seed Tray Shelf with Drawer

Benefits of shelves and benches

  • Maximize efficiency for superb plant growths and nursery
  • It will provide your plants with a safe and steady place to grow
  • It supports and organizes your plants
  • Set them at a convenient working level while providing a valuable storage place
  • Helps keep your greenhouse neat, practical and orderly
  • Makes it accessible for watering and clean-up
  • Make use of vertical space that would otherwise be misused in a little greenhouse
  • It allows the pleasure of gardening without a backache
  • Attractive to look at and appreciate your plants in full blossom
  • Will give years of service
  • The ground shelf gives a storage space
  • Hold plants, pots, trays, and different accessories
  • Act as a durable shelf
  • Raise your plants higher for good air distribution and water drainage

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