Northbeam Benches

Northbeam benches can be extremely useful for any type of gardener because you don’t have to bend over to pot or sow your plants. You will have all the necessary tools in one spot, whether it is on the side of your house or inside your greenhouse. Northbeam benches have a versatile design. It varies from a simplistic bench, utility tables, and storage purposes.

Most products are foldable for easy storage. A simplistic utility table is a good option and can be a great piece that serves you all throughout your garden. The extra storage is perfect for organizing tools on the bench. A hanging bar for tools and accessories is good for both indoors and outdoors use. It is surprisingly easy to assemble and it includes crystal clear assembly guide. It is made from Canadian Hemlock that holds up in varying conditions and comes in constant contact with dirt and water.

Check out the different designs to pick the perfect match for you!

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Wooden Utility Side Table Kit

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Folding Potting Bench with Zinc Surface

$324.90 $274.90
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Potting Bench with Recessed Storage

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Foldable Potting Bench



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