Palram Hybrid & Balance Greenhouses

The Palram Nature Hybrid Series Greenhouse kit is an ingenious balance of two advanced polycarbonate panels for the optimum environment.

The crystal clear side panels offer over 90% transmission for growth, while the 4mm twinwall roof blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays to prevent plant burn.

$1,429.90 $1,299.90
SAVE $130.00

Palram 8ft x 8ft Balance Hobby Greenhouse - HG6108G

$3,079.90 $2,799.90
SAVE $280.00

Palram 8ft x 20ft Balance Hobby Greenhouse - HG6120G

$2,529.90 $2,299.90
SAVE $230.00

Palram 8ft x 16ft Balance Hobby Greenhouse - HG6116G

$1,979.90 $1,799.90
SAVE $180.00

Palram 8ft x 12ft Balance Hobby Greenhouse - HG6112G

$1,319.90 $1,199.90
SAVE $120.00

Palram Hybrid 6ft x 14ft Hobby Greenhouse-HG5514

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