Riga Accessories

Gardeners are constantly looking for contemporary and efficient methods to get the most out of their greenhouse and Riga Accessories are excellent to improve the base design of Riga Greenhouses. Accessories help to build the best possible conditions of your greenhouse especially if you want to grow your favorite plants all year round. Choosing the best suitable accessories is the next step to protect your investment. These accessories make your greenhouse more useful and will improve your satisfaction and productivity. Riga makes it possible to put your greenhouse on a solid stem wall by getting a door extension kit. There are also some other supplies that allow more security on windy days. So, check out the products below to optimize your Riga!

$639.90 $550.90
SAVE $89.00

Hoklartherm Riga Foundation Frame

$139.90 $119.90
SAVE $20.00

Shelving For Victorian & Riga Greenhouses

$24.90 $19.90
SAVE $5.00

Riga Sash-Lock for Doors & Windows

$34.90 $26.90
SAVE $8.00

Riga Roof Window Wind Restraint System

$114.90 $95.90
SAVE $19.00

Riga Automatic Window Opener

$49.90 $39.90
SAVE $10.00

Riga Plastic Hooks for Growing Wire

$684.90 $589.90
SAVE $95.00

Door Extension Kit for Riga XL Greenhouses

$524.90 $449.90
SAVE $75.00

Door Extension Kit for Riga Greenhouses

$454.90 $389.90
SAVE $65.00

Door Extension Kit for Riga S Greenhouses

$59.90 $49.90
SAVE $10.00

Riga Greenhouse Seed Trays

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