Riverstone Accessories

No greenhouse is perfect without some basic accessories that will provide a superior growing environment. Depending on your plants’ needs, you may want to add some extra features. Maybe you will need help with providing warmth, light, shade, water, or ventilation. Riverstone accessories will give you multiple options to customize your greenhouse to your specific requirements. Whether it is ground covering, automated systems to simplify work tasks, or optimizing the light conditions in your greenhouse. They provide high-quality products for every situation.

$154.90 $129.90
SAVE $25.00

Monticello Greenhouse Sink System

$49.90 $39.90
SAVE $10.00

RSI Hydroponic Floating Seeding Tray

$939.90 $799.99
SAVE $139.91

RSI Greenhouse Heating System

$1,669.90 $1,439.90
SAVE $230.00

Monticello Solar Powered Ventilation System

$94.90 $79.99
SAVE $14.91

Riverstone Ground Covering

$99.90 $84.99
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Riverstone Black Knitted Shade Cloth

$34.90 $24.90
SAVE $10.00

Genesis Drip Irrigation System

$2,109.90 $1,799.90
SAVE $310.00

GENESIS LED Powered Grow Light System GL1200

$994.90 $849.90
SAVE $145.00

GENESIS LED Powered Grow Light System GL400

$469.90 $399.90
SAVE $70.00

RSI Evaporative Cooler

$44.90 $36.90
SAVE $8.00

Riverstone Bungie Ball Mounts

$79.90 $64.90
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Riverstone Flooring Panels

$129.90 $109.99
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Riverstone White Knitted Shade Cloth

What greenhouse accessories does Riverstone offer?

There may be some shortcomings to growing in greenhouses which can be alleviated by picking the appropriate greenhouse accessories for your growing area.
Automatic watering systems and Drip Irrigation are available which can address watering demands. This way you can go to work or do other chores, while your plants get the water they need.

Overheating is the leading cause of plant failure to achieve maximum growth. A greenhouse must maintain warm air throughout the cooler periods, but it also needs to discharge hot air throughout the sunny periods. The current weather in your gardening area will dictate the measure of ventilation and heating needed for your greenhouse. To handle the climate of your greenhouse Riverstone provides ventilation and heating options.

A shade cloth can be wrapped over the greenhouse to lower the indoor temperature on hot days. This way you can protect your plants from too much sunlight and from overheating.

For plants that need extra sunlight, use grow lights to make your plants thrive at night, in winter, on cloudy days or year-round.

One disadvantage of the closed greenhouse system is that bees cannot access them as much as in a garden. Pollination is a crucial step for your harvest though. A manual pollinator like the VegiBee can help with this.

Keep weeds out of the greenhouse or create a secure flooring with the Riverstone ground covering and flooring panels. They will give you a peace of mind!

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