Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse Kits

The Monticello Greenhouse Kit makes assembly easier with their patented attachment system that eliminates hundreds of parts. Most people take 2 days to assemble once the location has been prepped, which is a small price to pay for a professional grade greenhouse that will last for years.

The Monticello Greenhouse is designed and produced right here in the USA by Riverstone industries.

The Monticello is a commercial grade greenhouse that is designed to last and made for your everyday hobby greenhouse gardener.

$3,105.40 $3,099.99
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Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse 8x12

$4,499.99 $4,299.90
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Monticello Growers Edition Greenhouse

The Monticello comes in three different greenhouse kit packages:

Two A-shaped Monticello greenhouse kits with a black and aluminum frame with the text in middle saying: Monticello Greenhouses - available in 4 editions to provide the perfect solutions for every type of gardener and location

1. Standard Package

  • Built in Rain water / Gutter System
  • Automatic Roof Ventilation System
  • Dual Hinged Locking Doors

2. Premium Package

  • Standard Package
  • Work Bench System
  • Interior Shading System
  • Programmable Watering System
  • Greenhouse Potting Sink

3. Mojave  Package

  • Standard Package
  • Thermostatically Controlled solar Powered Ventilation System
  • Solid tinted Roof Panels
  • Work Bench System
  • Programmable Watering System
  • Greenhouse Potting Sink
  • RSI Vegibee Mechanical Pollinator System

4. Grower  Package

  • Standard Package
  • Electric Ventilation System with thermostat(standard)
  • Thermostatically Controlled solar Powered Ventilation System(optional)
  • Designed for growing plants that require high amounts of light
  • Light diffusing and privacy wall and roof panels
  • Programmable and customizable drip irrigation system
  • Folding Work Bench System
  • Thermostatically controlled commercial heating system(17,000 Btu)
  • Available in 12ft &16ft Aluminum Frame Only

Don't let the ease of construction fool anyone, this is a sturdy permanent structure that will give the owner years of satisfaction. We are so sure of this that every Monticello Branded Greenhouse comes with a 10 year Warranty, the strongest in the industry. 

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