Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse

Conservatory Greenhouses are our largest and most spacious greenhouse kits, and popular with commercial nurseries and schools. With the tall 9’6” height of the greenhouse, seedlings to large plants and even small trees can easily be grown. Two single-tier, side benches run the length of the outer walls and a large 5' wide, double-tiered, bench frame sits in the center of the greenhouse structure with ample growing area. 
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Solexx 16ft x 8ft Conservatory Greenhouse G-308

$6,934.00 $6,536.00
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Solexx 16ft x 16ft Conservatory Greenhouse G-316

$7,924.00 $7,556.00
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Solexx 16ft x 20ft Conservatory Greenhouse G-320

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