Northbeam products create and develop user-friendly products that are artistic, charming, and affordable. They have won enormous awards in the marketplace for excellent quality products, expertise, and unparalleled design. The finishing touches definitely enhance your space.

Their relevant knowledge matches their high-quality product standards and empowering them to persistently produce reliable, sturdy, and attractive wooden goods. Northbeam is confident in delivering excellent products for everyone.

Northbeam's team of artists works seamlessly together to build their award-winning, trademarked products that offer not only an artistic fashion but also inventive solutions and user-friendly performance.

Why Northbeam stands out in their quality

The high-quality standard is also achieved by rigorously following all quality assurance protocols set forth by their licensed team of highly qualified and experienced engineers.

These protocols comprise strategically setting key points:

  • The various raw material preparation stage
  • Material processing stages such as kiln drying and staining
  • Component production stage
  • Final assembly stage
  • Finished goods stage

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