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Solexx hobby greenhouses are designed in a way to get the most use out of your greenhouse, even for small greenhouses. 

The unique composite framing is made to give you years of service with absolutely no maintenance required. Just assemble the greenhouse kit and use it with no foundation required.

The 36"  aisles provide you room to move conveniently throughout your greenhouse while the full-length benches let you take advantage of all the useful growing field.

Every one of the Solexx greenhouses features amazing Solexx greenhouse panels, so you know your plants are getting the optimal diffused light needed to accelerate plant growth.

Reasons why Solexx greenhouses are the best choice

Superior light diffusion

Solexx is white for a cause. It produces an evenly distributed light proven to stimulate plant growth by 25%. The light shines fairly spreading into every edge of the greenhouse. More daylight for photosynthesis means more healthy growth.

Undeniable durability

Solexx offers a 10-year limited UV guarantee with an even longer life expectancy. It endures snow, wind, and hail and won't discolor or yellow over time. Best of all it expects very little maintenance. Should you need to renew the Solexx paneling at some time, the panels are readily available and easy to substitute.

Most economical to heat

Solexx gives excellent insulation to hold in the heat and keep your heating expenses low. Plants flourish while customers save on power costs. Solexx has one of the leading factors of 2.1R on the business, so it keeps in the heat better than the competition saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars over other greenhouse covers.

$452.00 - $7,556.00

All Styles

$452.00 - $510.00

Deluxe Cold Frame

$1,270.00 - $1,414.00

Early Bloomer

$2,286.00 - $4,450.00

Gardeners Oasis

$2,316.00 - $4,180.00


$2,622.00 - $5,552.00

Garden Master

$4,376.00 - $7,556.00


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